8 Countries that Produce the Most Weed in the World

Weed is the most popular and the most in demand illegal drug in the entire world, a fact which has provided no insignificant amount of motivation to the 8 countries that produce the most illegal weed in the world. The reason weed is so popular is that is is comparatively easy to grow and can provide a feeling of being high and happy, allowing the person consuming the drug to feel relaxed and light headed, and away from the normal stresses that life brings.

Of course, being happy is certainly not illegal. The reason it is illegal is because weed has certain side effects associated with it, which are generally temporary in nature and can include but are not limited to a reduction in the person’s motor skills, redness of the eyes, nausea, dizziness, weakness, dry mouth, paranoia and can also result in short-term memory losses. Furthermore, the main reason it is banned in most countries in the world is due to the fact that the person becomes intoxicating after smoking weed, which in turn means that the person is not in control of his actions at all, and hence, can commit certain unethical acts and crimes without even realizing the consequences of his actions.

 Countries that Produce the Most Weed in the World

Weed is one of the most controversial topics out there. There are as many advocates calling for the legalization of weed as there are calling for the ban to stay in place. Those calling for legalization do have some valid points in their favor. Legalization of weed would create a huge, separate industry which could be taxed and regulated, thus increasing tax revenue for the government by billions of dollars. Furthermore, this would also end the business of the cartel, hence reducing crime significantly. Furthermore, people addicted to weed would be able to seek counsel without having to worry about prison.

 If you want to know about the production of other illicit drugs, you may want to head on over the 8 countries that produce the most opium in the world. Finding out countries that produce the most weed in the world was not an easy task. Since weed is illegal in most countries, there are little official statistics to lend credence to the growth of weed in a specific country. Furthermore, thousands of plants in various countries are eradicated by law enforcement. However, we obtained data from the World Drug Report 2014, which shows data on weed production. We compared two criteria to determine our rankings; firstly, the cultivation of weed, which was in hectares, and secondly, the production of weed, which was in tonnes. The combination of these two criteria determined our ranking, which is as follows: