8 Best Places To Visit in Nepal Before You Die

 There are more great places to visit in Nepal before you die than one would think. This tiny country on the Asian continent packs a lot for its size, including the world’s tallest mountain! Who can deny Mount Everest as being an impressive sight? Not very many, but what else does Nepal offer besides this iconic mountain?

Culture is something you will find here, whether you find it in the grit and craziness of the capital, Kathmandu, or the foothills of a tradition village. Temples and spirituality are an everyday experience for those who come here on a path to be enlightened, and the scenic lakeside views and mountain tops will help you get to that mesmerized state of mind.

 Stary Stary /Shutterstock.com

Stary Stary /Shutterstock.com

There are quite a few notable national parks all featuring some truly jaw-dropping scenery that’s sure to blow away every onlooker that happens to trek on by. Oh, and speaking about trekking, due to the dramatic scenery you will be surrounded with, you bet you’re going to have to work to get to some of these destinations. Days and days will pass before you get to some of the most gorgeous spots in the country, but it’s totally worth it, especially if you’re a true adventurous soul.

The world holds some truly magnificent places for travelers to be in awe of, just like there are plenty of places to visit in Thailand before you die. After checking out Thailand, you might want a country that’s a bit less discovered, and that’s where Nepal comes in.

So what places to visit in Nepal before you die? Tell me already! Alright, alright, but we hope you’re ready for real intrepidness because you’ll need every dose of it you can get!