8 Best Places to Visit in Indonesia Before You Die

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I’ll be perfectly honest with you, this list of the best place to visit in Indonesia before you die, is a total joke. Really, it is. It’s a measly and tiny example of what you can experience in incredible Indonesia, but don’t blame me! With over 17,000 islands in the archipelago, what do you expect? As much as I would love to dedicate my entire life to studying and revealing all that is Indonesia, I think I would need several lifetimes. So what’s a writer to do? Where do I even begin?

Indonesia is so difficult to sum up. Its diversity, history, culture and beauty makes it really difficult to find words to encompass the vast country in a concise way, but really, that’s all part of the appeal, right? It will be impossible to get bored of this country and to not be in awe of its grandeur. Whether you’re swimming around with the fish under the sea, seeing some of the scariest animals or the most endangered, or wandering ancient sites, Indonesia will not cease to fascinate.


So is it safe? Yes, overall it is. Just use common sense and your good judgment, and all will be just fine. There are so many places to visit in the Philippines before you die, as well as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the surrounding countries. How can you leave it off your list? There’s just no way! Here are only eight, yes, only eight of the endless list of the best places to visit in Indonesia before you die. You will surely stumble upon so many more during your visit.

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