8 Best Places to Visit in Canada in July

 We know when you think of Canada, usually wintery days and snowy mountains might first come to mind, but there are some great places to visit in Canada in July, too. The summer months bring a whole new feel to the country as well as a fresh set of activities. The snow melts away and your favorite winter sport has now become a lush green escape to the mountains or beaches. Yes, beaches, too!

With some truly fantastic places to visit in Canada that are beautiful and safe, you really can’t go wrong. There’s nothing beyond the normal safety precautions that are needed while you visit here. Just enjoy your time and leave your worries behind.



Canada features attractions that are perfect for any type of traveler. Some options are free for the budget-conscious traveler, the families should have no problems with entertaining the kids, and couples and solo travelers will equally have excellent choices of delightful activities to choose from.

Since the weather will be perfect, you know there will be tons of outdoorsy attractions, activities, and natural vistas to take in. So get your sunscreen on, go rent a kayak, or get to hiking. If you plan well, you will maybe catch a unique festival, whether it involves cowboys or music; maybe just chilling on the beach is a perfect choice for you. It’s hard to make a bad choice, and with the weather on your side, you will be sure to have an amazing time visiting the best places in Canada in July.

8. Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta

Giddy up, cowboy! You’re at a rodeo! Every July the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” takes place complete with country music, a parade, and good food. Get your boots and cowboy hat on and run out the door, because it’s going to be a bucking good time.