8 Best Dating Apps That Don’t Require Facebook

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We know that not everyone has a Facebook profile, so we found 8 best dating apps that don’t require Facebook. Also, there are people who are just not comfortable with pairing their Facebook account with a dating app, so this is for them as well.

Most of you are familiar with the way dating apps work. Let’s take Tinder as an example. If you didn’t use it, then you are certain to know someone who did. Well, after downloading Tinder, you need to connect the app to your Facebook account. Tinder takes information from your Facebook account, and your profile is created. If you chose not to do it, you can’t use it. When Tinder is not an option anymore because of this or some other reason, it is always good to know about these 7 Best Tinder Alternatives for Dating.

8 Best Dating Apps That Don't Require Facebook


The most dating apps today use this system and don’t allow users to create their profiles from scratch. They do promise they will not post things on your Facebook wall or give away your information. On the one hand, this makes sense. It gives your profile some legitimacy. On the other hand, there are problems we stated earlier. In this case, you have to make a Facebook account or use a different app. This is where other apps step in and try to fill the gap.

To get the list of our 8 best dating apps that don’t require Facebook we checked various recommendation lists for dating apps like those from Android Authority, Digital Trends, and Pop Sugar among others. We took all the apps and checked each one of them for Facebook requirements. 8 of them didn’t require Facebook and made it on our list of best dating apps that don’t require Facebook.

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