7 Best Tinder Alternatives For Dating

For those of you who don’t fancy Tinder, but still want a taste of online dating, our list of 7 best Tinder alternatives for dating is the best chance to find something that matches your interests.

The fact is that Tinder rules over the dating app scene. It is the most recognizable dating app to date while also being accessible almost anywhere in the world. According to estimation, around 2 million matches happen each day on Tinder. Although it is still going strong, some users are getting bored with Tinder and want something else. If you still want to stick with Tinder, then you will surely need these 10 best Tinder conversation starters that work every time.

7 Best Tinder Alternatives For Dating

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Tinder is often labeled as being aimed towards hookups and that the dating part of the app is beginning to fade. Also, it is believed that Tinder is giving too much attention to the physical appearance of the users. This leaves space for various other dating apps that can be a good alternative. While there are some shameless copies, there are also apps that offer a fresh approach to online dating.

To pick the 7 best Tinder alternatives for dating we decided to go with the ones that are best rated. We used a research made by Applause, which had the goal of finding the best-rated dating app out there. They went through 97 dating apps and compared thousands and thousands of reviews from both iTunes and Google Play. Only 11 dating apps had the overall score greater than 50 and among them wasn’t Tinder. So they must be great alternatives. Let’s check out the list of best Tinder alternatives for dating.