8 Best Countries To Live In Europe in 2017

If you’re not having a great time where you live right now, maybe you’ll be interested in packing up and moving to the best countries to live in Europe in 2017.

The current US political climate has put the thought of moving to another country in a lot of people’s minds. People mostly want to escape to Canada, which is likely because of its close proximity, but I’ve heard a lot of people joke about moving to Europe to escape it all. Despite the politics freaking people out, I think Europe is overall a really pretty continent, and that’s mostly to do with the fact that I’m from North America, which only has three countries. Europe, on the other hand, has 51 independent states that all differ in culture. The same can be said about other areas of the world, to be fair, but there’s so much romanticization of Europe that I can’t help but participate.

8 Best Countries To Live In Europe in 2017

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It would be a huge oversight to make any general statements about an entire continent because there’s such vast culture and space, but theoretically the weather and political climate is mildly better than in some areas of the world. This can be associated primarily with the European Union, which makes travel throughout the countries within in a bit easier. The UK can’t relate to this anymore, but I love the EU and I think it’s a great idea. I wonder if any members of the EU are on our list of the most affordable countries to live in Europe in 2015.

In order to create this list of best countries to live in Europe in 2017, we took into consideration the quality of life index. This is a statistical tool that takes into account a variety of factors that contribute to the quality of life. We sought the help of sites like Numbeo and US News. The higher the QLI (quality of life index) number, the better the country is in theory, and the higher it’s ranked on our list.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best countries to live in Europe in 2017.