8 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills

There are many applications and websites to learn to code, but do you know what are the apps for teaching children coding skills?

Today, children are spending so much time in front of their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Even children at the age of two know how to open their favorite applications and play the game by themselves. Back in the day when we bought our first computer, we used to draw in Paint for some time and then head out again.

Things have changed a lot since then. In this modern world we live in, programming is very important because everything starts with it from the fan to your mobile. In order to understand the importance of programming, you should know that programming has three phases and everyone is very important. The first phase is the problem identification and solving phase, the second is the implementation while the third phase is maintenance. In order to solve a computer problem, you need to know all phases.

8 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills

Chepko Danil Vitalevich/Shutterstock.com

If you asked yourself if learning to code is important for your child, the answer is definitely which is why we decided to create a list of apps for teaching children coding skills. There are also many courses where you child can learn how to code like the Udemy programming for kids. If you decide to let your child focus in the programming direction, you will allow it to craft its own future because every era demands different skills. The programming skills and knowledge will have a deep influence on your child. Despite learning how to code, you kid will learn how to think in a different way, how to solve a problem with the best solution and how to deal with it. Also, programming could improve child’s memory and IQ. And, if you are interested in coding but you don’t know where to start, we have something for you too – 5 Easiest Coding Languages to Learn for First-Time Learners.

However, at the end of the day, the most important thing is to do what the child wants, and what child from the new millennia doesn’t want to learn how to create its own game?

In order to create our list of 8 apps for teaching children coding skills, we took high-rated and interesting apps from both Google Play Store and iTunes. We sorted our list by the app’s rating. However, if one application is available on more than one platform, we took the average rating from each platform. Let’s see the results!