7 Ways Weather Affects Human Behavior and Emotions

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Aside from the obvious ways the weather influences our daily activities, such as the choice of clothing we wear, there are numerous less obvious and unexpected effects that it can have on us, and our list of the 7 ways weather affects human behavior and emotions can help you become vigilant of them. While becoming aware of all the intricate effects that weather can affect you with, you can also plan ahead and ensure yourself an enjoyable retirement, with our list of the 11 US Cities with the Most Pleasant Weather for Retirees.

We cannot talk about the weather and its effects on humans without discussing the climate change. Nowadays, the climate change deniers probably feel that they can finally rejoice knowing that the current US president Donald Trump is one of them. The problem with deniers is that they don’t care about the  scientific consensus or the evidence, even when it’s presented in a layman-friendly way on how we are breaking global temperature records on about once in a three year span or in a comic. They just continue propagating myths that have been debunked. Even though this video is not considered to be a scientific evidence of the global warming, it paints a pretty bleak picture of the future we are headed for. Whenever it’s time for periodically held hearings on issues related to climate change in the US Congress, Republicans naturally bring in John Christy to testify, as he is the only expert willing to sing the song that they want to hear, and by doing that disregard basically the whole scientific community which is opposed to his opinion on the subject, and considers his methodology to be flawed; in the meantime oceans are acidifying due to absorption of carbon pollution, but who cares?

Projections of increased poverty, social tensions, and environmental degradation as a result of climate change made the US Department of Defense begin to consider it a serious security risk. After reading our list of the 7 ways weather affects human behavior and emotions and learning ill effects that weather can have on the human psyche, you should be in agreement with the Pentagon’s assessment. Unfortunately, Republicans do not like this stance, and are doing everything they can to bar the Pentagon from spending money on adapting to the climate change.

As a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers, comedian John Oliver joked about how “The Secret” worked only for Donald Trump, and thus it was Oprah’s fault that the Trump won elections. We feel that if that joke was hypothetically true and President Trump was wielding that sort of magical power for real, even his almighty denial still wouldn’t be able to stop the climate change and that the deniers really need to get in touch with the reality.

In preparation of this article we’ve tried to find as many effects that weather can have on humans, that are corroborated with science, so we used various sources that we link to in the descriptions, and so we finally begin with our list of ways weather affects human behavior and emotions.

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