11 US Cities with the Most Pleasant Weather for Retirees

If you’re nearing your retirement or looking to retire early, you are going to love these 11 US cities with the most pleasant weather for retirees. These places are ideal when it comes to having the most comfortable climate in the US. Some people like it cold, and there are a few who even likes it hot and humid. Extreme climate can be the choice of youngsters or those looking for an extra adventure as they travel around, but these places are not ideal when it comes to settling down. Retirees usually like places that are mild, calm and serene. For this, we bring you the US cities with the mildest weather.

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The “Pleasant Weather Rating” forms the basis of our research. This is an extensive report, which lists down the cities of the world and the United States by their climate. Using the same report we have also created a list of 21 cities with the best climate in the world year round. Pleasant Weather Rating Report has analysed more than 600 cities on the half-yearly and yearly basis. However, to make our ratings more relevant, we have used the latter. The scoring criterion is from 0 – 100, with 100 representing the score of the cities with the perfect climate. The scoring is further divided into 5 categories, which are…

74 – 84: Very Good

64 – 73: Good

51 – 63: Average:

0 – 50: Below Average

Almost every city mentioned in our list of 11 US cities with the most pleasant weather for retirees belongs to the first category (Excellent). The categories below might have some cities with the nice weather too, but for this list, we would only be focusing on the cities with the truly perfect climate.

This list can also serve as a great source for people looking to travel around the US and who don’t want to face the cold winds of Fairbanks, Alaska or the hot and sultry conditions in Yuma, Arizona. Enough talk! Let’s get down to numbers and find out which city in the US stands at number 11 on our list…