7 Things To Buy At Estate Sales and 3 Things To Skip

If you want to become a true Estate Sales expert, then our list of 7 things to buy at estate sales and 3 things to skip is a must – read. So, if you don’t want to pay a fortune for a worthless piece of junk, pay good attention.

For those of you who are less familiar with the term, estate sales are a way for someone to liquidate their belongings. This can happen for numerous of reasons. People can decide to sell their possessions trough estate sale because they are moving to another state or city or a company can organize estate sale due to relocation or closure. One more common reason for estate sales is the death of the owner. His heirs may not be interested in possessions, or the court can order estate sale if heirs can’t agree on how belongings should be divided. It is important to notice that estate sales are larger and shouldn’t be mistaken for garage sales.

7 Things To Buy At Estate Sales and 3 Things To Skip


Estate Sales are usually advertised a few weeks before. People are invited to the house or estate and are free to purchase any marked item. Items have marked prices, and they are sold to the first person that offers the price. In some cases, however, you can make an offer for the item that is lower than the marked price. Those offers usually get accepted if no one else is interested. Since estate sales can be overcrowded the most common rule is “first come, first served”. The lines form in front of the house/estate and people at the front have the first pick.

To find out the 7 things to buy at estate sales and 3 things to skip we did an extensive research on the internet, looking for advises and tips from people who usually attend estate sales. We checked out forums and numerous other lists available like the ones from Curbly, The Weathered Door, Huffington Post, and Gnews, to name a few. Although there are some deviations, almost everyone agrees on things you should buy and things to skip on estate sales. We took the most common suggestion and presented them below.

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