7 Smartphones With The Longest Talk Time

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While you are reading our list of 7 Smartphones with the Longest Talk Time, who knows how many people in the world are having problems because their smartphones died on them in a middle of a conversation. That is why we have decided to make this list and help you find the smartphone that offers long talk time, so that you don’t need to worry if it will die on you when you need it the most.

With the appearance of strong cameras, numerous new apps, including various music players, GPS navigation, and, of course, internet surfing, the phones have been left short of battery endurance. Today, the battery life is one of the most important factors that people are considering when buying a new phone.

Big screens, and advanced components like processors with 2, 3,4 or even more cores, are “eating” the battery quite fast, so unfortunately, phone chargers have become the part of our every day don’t-leave-home-without-it list, and if you are interested in scratching that item off your list, you might find our other article the 7 Smartphones with the Best Battery Life, quite useful.

 Smartphones With The Longest Talk Time

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Before we begin with our list, we want to define what talk time really means, as far as Smartphones are concerned.

Talk time represents the longest time a phones provides, with just one full battery charge, if the user is constantly talking on the phone. There are some factors, other than how much and how you use your phone, that play an important role when it comes to battery life, and that includes talk time. Factors like, the distance from the nearest  GSM cell tower, and if you are moving fast in a vehicle while talking, will can largely influence the battery.

For our list, we have included smartphones with a battery capacity not smaller than 2.500 mAh. In order to not rely solely on the manufacturer battery capacity numbers, because it is not the only factor that determines the length of the talk time, we have done a thorough research and compared numerous tests, surveys as well as user reviews. We have also included the times these phones offer for Internet Surfing, as well as for Video Watching (the longest time when doing the specified action continuously), just to help you get a better insight in the phones capabilities. Here are the results.

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