7 Smartphones with Removable Battery and SD Card

Are you looking for smartphones with removable battery and SD card? A few years ago, all smartphones (except iPhone) had these features. Now, there are more and more smartphones with a non-removable battery and without SD card support. Manufacturers claim that these smartphones have better quality and are easier to use. On the other hand, smartphones with SD card and removable battery are cheaper. You can check smartphones with the best battery life, if this is important to you.



A whopping 64% of adults in the United States, have a smartphone, so you can understand how many features are important to them. The biggest part of these folks use phones for text messaging (81%). But 50% use smartphones to download apps. In order to do this, users need a lot of internal storage or SD card support. In addition, they need a smartphone with a long battery life.

One good thing with smartphones with an SD card is that every user can decide how much storage he or she wants. At any moment, if a user requires more space, he can buy a new SD card with more capacity, thus increasing the space on his device. Smartphones without SD card support have internal storage. You cannot modify the size of it. In case you need more of free space, you will have to delete data or to buy a new smartphone.

It is very hard to find smartphones with a removable battery and SD card, due to the fact users usually pay more attention to the processor, RAM and display. However, with the help of GSM Arena and 91 Mobiles, we were able to find a few of them.

7. Samsung Z1

Z1 has Cortex-A7 (dual-core) processor and 768 MB of RAM, which isn’t enough. On the other side, it has 4 GB of internal storage, and you can increase it up to 64 GB, with an SD card. The battery has a capacity of 1500 mAh, which is enough for 9 hours of talk time.

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