9 Smartphones with Expandable Memory: 2015 Models

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Can you name some of the smartphones with expandable memory: 2015 models? Some giant flagships have removed expandable storage as a smartphone feature, like Samsung’s new S6, S6 Edge, and Note 5. That’s the reason a lot of Android users were heartbroken to discover this dramatic change. Hey, it’s not the end of the world . . . yet. We created a list of the 2015 models of smartphones that let you pop in a microSD card so you can have more storage to make use of. These smartphones, by the way, are arranged in the list according to how much they let you expand the storage in your phone, plus the built-in or internal memory. Make sure to have a pen and paper handy to jot down 2015 smartphone models with expandable memory.

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If you’re the kind of person who loves storing music, movies, picture, apps, documents, PowerPoints, reports, and other stuff you can’t live without on your smartphone, we’re guessing that you’re crazy for a smartphone that offers external memory. If you carry all your life in your smartphone like how a laptop or computer does, a smartphone with an ability to give you more room for your life is necessary! For a smartphone to have an expandable memory feature, it must first have a memory card slot. It is where you pop in your microSD card which gives your device the power to add more room for your life-clutter. Memory cards, on the other hand, comes in a lot of shape and sizes. Which, by the way, the Apple iPhone series never had.

Before you even need external storage, usually you’ve filled up your phone’s internal storage. To know more about how internal memory works, you can read our article about the 8 smartphones with the highest internal memory. But if you really want a 32GB internal storage on your smartphone and another 128GB external memory, well, feel free to check out the 9 smartphones with expandable memory: 2015 models!

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