7 Most Successful Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Anchors

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Weekend Update is the longest running Saturday Night Live sketch and we are here to find out who are 7 most successful Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchors.

Saturday Night Live is all about comedy and it’s giving laughs to Americans (and the world) from 1975. SNL was a launching track for many comedy talents, most of them becoming major comedy stars later. Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, John Belushi, Billy Crystal, Mike Myers, and Adam Sandler are just some of them.

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But’s Weekend Update is our main focus here, and somehow we got off the tracks. Weekend Update was created by Chevy Chase, one of the original cast members, and Herb Sargent, who was a writer for the show at the moment. Chevy Chase has been at the helm of Weekend Update just one season. The sketch revolved around a news anchor who delivered fake news about current events to the audience. Through the years, Weekend Update was constantly changing. In the 80’s it was renamed to SNL NewsBreak and Saturday Night News, before returning as a Weekend Update in 1985. Also solo anchor and dual anchors formats have been often changed during the run of the sketch, settling on dual anchors from 2013.

To determine 7 most successful Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchors we took two criteria that give a good insight into how successful Weekend Update Anchors were. The first criterion was the number of episodes each anchor was at the helm of Weekend Update because the ones that were not so successful didn’t stick too long. For every episode, the anchor was awarded 1 point. For the second criteria, we took IMDB’s top rated SNL episodes and gave points from 100 to 10 to anchors that anchored Weekend Update in that episode (Anchor could get only points for one episode and dual anchors split the points). We summed it all up and found out what we were looking for. To be included in the list, an anchor also had to have an episode among the top rated. If you are reading this out loud, check out if your accent is among the sexiest ones in the world in our 11 sexiest accents in the world.

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