11 Sexiest Accents in the World

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Which are the sexiest accents in the world?

Each individual is unique and has its own likes and passions, especially when it comes to the people they’re dating. Something that seems to be attractive all around the world is a sexy accent so we tried to figure out just which are the sexiest accents in the world.

Attraction is subjective and unique to each person, but I’m sure we can all understand finding a certain accent to be quite sexy and likable. Even so, it’s probably going to depend heavily on the person (talking with an accent), their looks, their voice, their personality and so on. It is safe to say, however, that not all accents are created equal, to play a bit on a famous saying, and that some have more fans than others.

In trying to find out why accents are considered sexy, there’s little scientific evidence, as you’d expect. There are theories, however, indicating that it probably has something to do with the sense of adventure that comes with speaking to someone with an accent, someone that obviously isn’t from around there and that could whisk you away on a trip around the world. Fine, we know it’s not realistic thinking, but there’s little rationale behind the attraction.

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Other theories indicate that it’s not even a conscious decision we make to like a certain accent, but that it has more to do with finding a good mate, one that comes from a different region. As mentioned, these are just people’s theories and we can probably make some others up on the spot just for fun. In the end, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

You can also check out another list we have put together of the 6 most widely spoken languages in Europe, where you’ll identify quite a few of the accents we’re going to talk about in the following paragraphs.

In trying to find out which were the sexiest accents in the world we went searching high and low through the Internet, looking for surveys, polls and articles on the topic. We’ve identified 7 different rankings published in the past couple of years, including the famous Global Dating Survey from Time Out.

We crosschecked the languages on all the lists, offering each a point for every site they were mentioned on. Then, we checked out the rankings on said sites, giving the most points to the most popular accents and the least to the ones lagging behind. In the end, we put two and two together and got the final list. So, carry on if you want to see which are the 11 sexiest accents in the world.

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