7 Most Stressful Jobs In India

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If you are looking to find out the most stressful jobs in India and did a Google search, you might have noticed that all of the results presented on the first page of Google were about the most or least stressful jobs in America. Even the articles published by Indian websites and news organizations are talking about the most stressful jobs in America. Obviously Google hasn’t done a good job of identifying sites that highlight the most stressful jobs in India. Hopefully you will like our answer better.

Through this research, I found that Indian women are particularly stressed because of juggling numerous roles at home and work. So when you see a stressful job in our list, you should keep in mind that this job is more stressful if it is held by a woman rather than a man. Even though job opportunities in India for women are becoming ubiquitous, family responsibilities and social pressure towards women in India are still there. The highest stress level is among women between the ages of 25 and 55, who are trying to balance duties at home with formidable careers.

Now, imagine stress in India, the second most populous country in the world. Despite economic growth during recent years, India continues to face social and economical challenges. Unclear or conflicting job expectations, inadequate staffing (lack of support) are the main reasons for stress at workplace in India so let’s try to pinpoint the 7 most stressful jobs in India. Here is what Towers Watson says about the sources of stress in India:

“When quizzed on sources of stress, Indian employees rank unclear or conflicting job expectations (40%), inadequate staffing (lack of support, uneven workload or performance in group) (38%) and lack of work/life balance (38%) as the top three reasons according to Towers Watson’s Global Benefit Attitudes Survey that polled 22,347 global workers out of which 7,094 workers are in Asia Pacific (2006 workers are based in India)”.

most stressful jobs in India


Since we weren’t able to find any credible sources for the most stressful jobs in India, we decided to identify the jobs that have the highest injury and death rates in India. Searching dangerous jobs in India brought up numerous articles about  shipbreaking accidents, primarily in Bangladesh. Dismantling out of date vessels is lucrative for ship companies. But, for shipbreaking workers, their jobs are not only stressful but also very dangerous. Poor working terms such as cheap labor costs, bad safety and health laws, contribute significantly to the stress level of these jobs. Fortunately, some organisations are seeking to prevent dangerous conditions in shipbreaking industry. They are hoping to team up with government and make sure clean and safe ship recycling.

Furthermore, one of search results presented was the most dangerous jobs in India. They enlisted astronauts, sanitation workers, mountain guides, military personnel, fishermen, firefighters, film stuntmen, coal miners, bomb squads and bodyguards. We combined these results with independent academic research done on stress levels in certain industries to create our list of the 7 most stressful jobs in India.

If you are the type of person who thrives under pressure or can stay calm in high-stress situations, these jobs may be perfect for you.

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