7 Most Rugged Cell Phones of 2015

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Quality and power are not always the most important things about cell phones, there is also durability, and that is why we made a new list for you: 7 Most Rugged Cell Phones of 2015. When you plan on buying a new phone, you probably pick it by looking at performance & camera; maybe the phone’s release date and operating system. But in the end, we are sure most of you will agree, that is not what’s most important about these devices. Although the newest smartphones are beautiful to look at, have an amazing design and power efficiency, most of them could be broken easily.


Some of the phones that are more resistant, can be found on “The 10 Most Durable Cell Phones You’ll Find Anywhere” list.

So, if you want to avoid frustration like this and more expenses, pick the most practical phone out of our list of 7 Most Rugged Cell Phones of 2015.

7. Plum Gator Plus

Price: $133.76

Hard to believe the figure above, isn’t it? The Plum Gator Plus is a great phone, mainly because it provides 4G speed like any other smartphone. Tough, cheap and water resistant, it is an option worth considering. Gator Plus is IP67-certified, and protected from dust & moisture. It comes with a 3600mAh battery, a 5MP cam, a dual-core 1.3 GHz processor and a humble 3,5-inch screen. Still, it is very easy to operate, and you have the access to over a million apps.


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