7 Most Racist Rappers in the World

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Who are the most racist rappers in the world? Wait, what? The most racist rappers? Is this phrase even “politically correct,” you may ask? Well, let’s see together.

It is always so difficult to write about sensitive topics such as racism, feminism, LGBTQ population and similar. Somehow, whatever you write concerning them, has to be thought through. And even after all that heavy thinking, you are still not sure if you might hurt somebody with the things you said. However, after being in “writing business” for quite some time, I realized that regardless of the topic and its sensitiveness, there’s always somebody who will not agree with you. And that is completely fine. After all, freedom of expression counts both for the writer and the reader.

Most Racist Rappers in the World


However, even though freedom of expression sounds like you can say publicly whatever it’s on your mind, things don’t really function that way. “Freedom of opinion is unlimited, while the right to freely express one’s view can be restricted and must be exercised with particular responsibility out of consideration for the rights and freedoms of others.” In other words, freedom of expression has some limitations. Therefore, all of us should avoid being offensive, as well as inciting acts of violence or discrimination, or really any other claim that has negative consequences for somebody else. For a famous person, who is publicly active and engaged, these rules should be especially important. Unfortunately, as we are well aware, not everybody takes them seriously.

Rap is born as the reactionary music with lyrics that are specifically expressed opinions, usually politically shaped. It is considered to be not just music, but a big movement that started showing the social issues by using art as a tool. Even though there are many songs that are aggressive and loud, with a big amount of curse words, it is a genre that should be very respected for its bravery. In the end, as everything, you either love it or hate it. However, what we associate with rap sometimes is violence. I wouldn’t go deeper into that topic, but if you are interested in racial violence statistics here’s one article that is related to it – 10 Cities with Most Racially Motivated Crimes against Whites.

As a rap fan, I decided to approach this topic in the least hurtful way – I used verses as one of my major proofs. So, first I checked the resources such as the Genius, Tight Rope and Hip Hop Wired, to mention a few. There I found and collected most repeated suggestions and made a ranking in accordance with it. For the majority of rappers on the list, there are precise verses where the racist attitude was noticed, and for others, there are claims that they expressed racism publicly. However, I wouldn’t generalize it, and because of a few lyrics or sentences, call them racists. As this article is in the “freedom of expression” attitude, you can decide on how you’re going to think of them after you read it. So, go ahead, check out our list of most racist rappers in the world!

7. Mc Ren

Mc Ren or Lorenzo Jerald Patterson is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer from Compton, California. He founded the record label Villain. The reason why he is on the list is because of this precise verse:

“Then you got niggas that’s blacker than the night
Running around town saying their best friends are white
Niggas like that are gonna hang up from a tree
And burn them up alive and let everybody see”, from the song “Do you believe.”

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