10 Cities with the Most Racially Motivated Crimes Against Whites

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You wouldn’t think that coming up with the 10 cities with the most racially motivated crimes against whites would be so difficult. But in fact, anti-white hate crime statistics—let alone, hate crime statistics, in general—can be hard to come by. Reason being is that the data collected to make up the statistics are not only incomplete but flawed, as well. The incompletion of the reports collected is mainly due to the fact that they are 100% voluntary; which means that police departments aren’t required to even report hate crime incidents. Not only do many incidents go unreported, but it can sometimes be difficult to prove the motive and classify it as a hate crime. This paired with the fact that some reports are later uncovered to be fabricated stories by the victims, themselves, can further prove the idea that racism statistics are very vague and hold only PART of the truth.

However, this does not disprove the fact that racism in America today is very much so alive. VOA News recently reported that the issue of hate crimes and racism has been on the rise as of late. The data taken from 2016 reports compared to that of the ones collected just the year before showed a 4.6 percent increase, and apparently, 2017’s reports are even higher!

Cities with the Most Racially Motivated Crimes Against Whites


I, myself, was actually astonished by the astronomical increase in more recent racially motivated crimes based on the information I found on the official FBI: Uniform Crime Reporting website when I compared them to an article Vince did—10 Most Racist Cities in America Ranked by Hate Crimes—just one year prior to the year I was able to collect the data for the cities with the most racially motivated crimes against whites.

But before I get too involved in what went into making this particular list, let me quickly refresh your memory on some hate crime facts—if you don’t remember learning all about them in middle school (assuming that all schools at least touch on the subject). First off, what legally constitutes a hate crime? Quite simply, a crime can be considered to be a hate crime when the motivation of the crime committed is based on one’s race or ethnic background, sex or even sexual orientation, and beliefs (such as religious or political). Sometimes they are referred to as a bias crime. Which, the bias crime definition is the same as that of a hate crime.

And speaking of biases, they’re kind of like assholes in the sense that everybody’s got them (I’m aware the saying refers to “opinions” being like assholes, but hey—this works, too). For instance, I’m pretty biased when it comes to Joaquin Phoenix… and not in a good way. While most women find him dreamy and will watch any movie in which he plays a starring role in (bias much?), I am quite the opposite. This is simply because the very first movie I ever saw him in was the Gladiator. Had it been Signs or Walk the Line, or basically anything else, PERHAPS I would feel differently about him. But, unfortunately for Joaquin Phoenix, I very quickly grew to hate him for his role as Commodus in the film; which—if you can remember—Commodus was a dickhead! So much so that I have since turned my nose up to any and every movie he plays in.

Although it was a pretty silly example, everyone has similar biases, whether they like to admit it or not. Do I think Joaquin Phoenix is a terrible actor? No. One could even argue that he played the part of an asshole SO WELL that it was his impressive acting skills that birthed my hatred towards him. But that is a-whole-nother rant! Enough about the guy! What I’m trying to get across here is no-one—not even Mother Teresa, herself!—is above being biased every once in a while about one thing or another. Where am I going with this, here? Well, unfortunately, government officials have biases, as well. FBI bias is just what it sounds like. Although, sometimes more serious than others. Sometimes they simply had a bad experience in a certain area, and they get that same feeling I get when somebody even mentions the name Joaquin Phoenix whenever they might have to work in that area again. They may even do all they can to avoid it, altogether. Sometimes they are more biased towards a certain race or even someone with particular political views.

In all seriousness, though, hate crimes are held in a class of their own. Even a burglar or serial killer would get off lighter than someone committing the exact same crime, but who is motivated by hate. What sucks for the victim is that it’s not always easy to prove the motivation. This makes racial crime statistics even harder to come by, and while I really wanted to reveal the most anti-white cities, I had to settle for cities with the most hate crimes. It bothered me even more that the Uniform Crime Reporting hadn’t yet released their 2017 information on their site. So the UCR 2016 edition had to do. With the most recent official records I could find, I only took note of the race-driven hate crimes and tallied up the 10 cities with the most racially motivated crimes [against whites].

10. Lexington, Kentucky

There was actually a tie for the 10th spot on the cities with the most racially motivated crimes against whites. Both Lexington, Kentucky and Chicago, Illinois had 26 reported hate crimes based on race, alone. Although I felt compelled to give Chicago a mention on this list, I chose to feature Lexington instead of Chicago simply based on the fact that the population of Lexington is about an 8th of the population of Chicago’s. So, the ration of hate crimes per occupants of the city is much higher than the ratio of Chicago’s. This still does not seem to pose a major problem to the Lexington Police Department (LPD), as their website does not have even give a single mention about hate in their city. That’s not to say they don’t take crime seriously. The Bluegrass Crime Stoppers is a special organization kind of like a community crime watch where members keep an eye out for crime and report it when necessary. They also have an abundance of victim resources for the victims of certain kinds of crimes. You can take a further look at the lengths the LPD goes through to control crime in their city, here. Take that, Scruff McGruff!

Cities with the Most Racially Motivated Crimes Against Whites

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