7 Most Prestigious Jobs in America

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Prestige and money do not always go together with regards to the most prestigious jobs in America. This is what was discovered when a recent poll on prestigious jobs was carried out. You will be surprised to hear that occupations like police officers and firefighters, which are not very lucrative, are also included in the list of most prestigious jobs.

Americans are also mixed on how they rate certain jobs. Actually, opinions are evenly split with regards to how entertainers, Congress members, farmers, journalists, actors and entertainers are perceived. These divisions are usually along age groups, with younger people below 50 years thinking highly of athletes and actors, in contrast with people above 50 years who hold a different opinion.

Interestingly, while doctors also top the most respected professions that also pay well, most parents in America still encourage their children to study engineering. This is mainly because of the prestige that comes with being an engineer. Nevertheless, the medical sector remains as one of the highly respected occupations.

Most Prestigious Jobs In America


When examining prestigious jobs, this is basically a socially constructed factor and something which is dependent on the perceptions of external forces. Of course, money plays a big role in determining prestige. Even though money is not considered as the only defining factor, however prestige is based on how much a certain occupation is believed to make. You also have to remember that there are some jobs that are still prestigious even though not much money is earned from doing those jobs.

The other element that is used when determining prestige is the level power associated with certain jobs. For instance, a lawyer may be considered as a very prestigious position due to the power in the American legal system.  In the same light, a university professor is also considered as prestigious since it is believed to act as the apex of knowledge and intellectual power. The following are the most prestigious jobs in America.

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