7 Most Expensive Private Schools in Manhattan

The 7 most expensive private schools in Manhattan are certainly places where any parent would aim to send their children to learn. However, not all of them can afford it. Private schooling has been all the rage in recent years but if you don’t agree, you can still take a look at the 5 best boarding schools in New York. There is sure a way in either of these lists (the one linked and the one you are reading) that will suit your loved offspring’s need for a boost in their education and later on, professional development.

There is a lot of speculation about how private schools came to be in the US. At a certain point in the past there was hardly anything else but private and primitive schools which taught in different crafts and trades that were practiced at the time. Ancient history shows us that there were schools for philosophy and the arts where a selected group of people would study under the guidance of a prominent figure in the area. There were academies for scribes, writers and poets who learned under scholars of the language but there was nothing like the schools we know today. Peasants were hardly ever given the chance to study anything except a trade or craft. Educational books were hard to come by and collecting and compiling information was one of the hardest and bravest tasks people could dare to try and accomplish in the world of scholarship.

A lot changed when the printing press was introduced, though, as books and various other informational sources started becoming more and more available and cheaper. Not too long after that came the dawn of widespread education for everyone which at a certain point in time became compulsory. In the USA, it is thought that private schools started as a way to segregate the children of families with different beliefs. This was mainly focused on people’s religion or religion branches. In the early days of the educational system in the USA, all schools were Catholic and funded entirely by the government, like most religious matters. However, as science grew as a strong opponent to blind religious beliefs, people took matters into their own hands and started opening private schools which only taught in ways their owners approved. Like anything else that has been strongly established since the early days of the nation’s settling and development, private education grew into a huge business which today relies on prestige, class, huge fees and much more. For people who can afford it, such schools are the only way to go because of their higher quality of education and, because of the fewer students, higher individual attention and tutoring. Nowadays, the amount of private schools is on the rise but only the most reputable can make it on this list. Let’s take a look at seven prime examples of that.