7 Most Expensive Magazines In India

Have you ever wondered, what are the 7 most expensive magazines in India?

Probably not; it is admittedly a strange query. However, a not-so-strange query would be something along the lines of “what are the BEST magazines in India?”, or “what are the BEST-SELLING magazines in India?”. When you break it down, when something is the best, as well as being the best-selling, it generally becomes more expensive, as a higher cost can be justified. In short, the most expensive magazines in India can also be assumed to be the best and best-selling that the country enjoys. Most of us genuinely enjoy reading magazines because they are easier to digest than a longer piece of literature (like a novel or textbook), and they are generally written to be somewhat entertaining, despite sometimes being chock-full of crucial information or even difficult subject matter.

7 Most Expensive Magazines In India

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We obtained the information to create this list from IndiaMags, India’s leading magazine portal. We reviewed each category, searching for the highest prices. Some publications even reached up to Rs 80,000!

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Next time you have to choose something light to read, consider something on our list of most expensive magazines in India.

7. US Weekly Magazine-US Edition

Rs 39,967

US Weekly Magazine is India’s portal to what’s happening in Hollywood, helping to keep the people of India updated on their favorite American actors and actresses.  It also delivers a taste of red carpet fashion.

7 Most Expensive Magazines In India