11 Upscale Luxury Magazines For The Rich

If you are looking to read like the rich, then it’s time to take a look at 11 upscale luxury magazines for the rich. Do you remember that show Silver Spoons? No? Well, then you’ll likely never know what it is like to be rich because Ricky Stratton on that show gave the performance of a lifetime. He stoically managed the trials and tribulations of being rich and also a young, good-looking, blond, white child. It was really something to behold.

Unfortunately, you will never know the pain of crappy rich people. How tiring it is for them to appear to be ‘down to earth.’ How tough it is to lie to themselves about not spoiling their kids. My parents told us we were spoiled if we complained about Shoprite brand potato chips, because “there are kids out there who don’t even have chips!” And you know what? As insane as that sounds, they are right. Richness is relative, but I am no fan of rich people–as you may have been able to piece together.

11 Upscale Luxury Magazines For The Rich


However, if you are or if you are trying to get a window into their soul, we have something that might help. We have determined the upscale luxury magazines that wealthy people can turn to and be lulled into thinking their priorities are reasonable. You can also use them to take a peek into “rich culture,” and be grossed out. Hopefully, you enjoy yourself knowing that, unlike most of the rich, you are safe from diseases like chronic pretense and debilitating entitlement.

The methodology for 11 upscale luxury magazines for the rich is pretty simple and effective. Since these magazines are primarily targeted towards the rich, they come in very high quality both in content and also in the materials that are being used to print them. Basically, the publishers of these magazines do not spare any cost in order to woo the rich into buying their magazines. Therefore, a single issue price for these magazines is going to be pretty high. Of course, we also took into consideration the subject matter being discussed in the magazine as well. If you’re interested in luxury fashion magazines you should also check out 11 Most Popular Fashion Magazines in the World.

We ranked the magazines based on the price per issue. The higher the price of a single issue, the higher up these magazines have been placed on the list. We took help from the following websites to come up with this list – NewsStand and Magazine-Order. We added the website of each magazine on the list in the ranking section, so that you can subscribe to them if you want (learn about the rich in their natural habitat!) as most of these magazines will be rather difficult to find at your local news stand. You can only get them via subscribing online. Enjoy 11 upscale luxury magazines for the rich!