7 Most Expensive Baseball Cards From The 2000’s

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Baseball cards may not be as popular as they were in the old days, but the valuable ones are getting more expensive, so we bring you 7 most expensive baseball cards from the 2000’s.

Printing baseball players on cards and then selling them is a very old business. The first baseball cards started getting printed in the late 19th century in America, the homeland of baseball. The trend spread to other countries in the beginning of 20th century, most notably in Japan, Cuba and Canada. Baseball cards were sold alongside cigarette packs or given away to promote cigarette brands.

Every baseball fan wanted to own this piece of memorabilia, so baseball card collecting was an immediate hit. Now the baseball card market is worth millions of dollars, with a strong emphasis on vintage baseball cards. Vintage baseball cards are considered the ones that appeared on the market before the 1980’s.

Since baseball card collecting has become a real business, there are a huge number of factors that affect the price of baseball cards. The most expensive cards are the ones that are rare on the market and have a limited circulation but are still in good condition. Cards with autographs fetch an even more sky-high price.

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As we said before, the most expensive baseball cards are the vintage ones. But what about cards from the 2000’s, do they have any value? It turns out they do, and we found out the 7 most expensive baseball cards from the 2000’s. You can check The 10 Most Expensive Baseball Cards Ever Pulled From A Pack as well.

For our methodology, we looked at a number of sports auction sites and baseball card dedicated sites. These sell mostly vintage baseball cards or offer cards from 2000’s that are not expensive. We then went to the biggest market of baseball cards, eBay, and looked at the prices of the baseball cards from 2000’s. We checked out only the sold items — no ongoing auctions or offers. All of the cards were sold on eBay by PWCC, an auction house that deals in sports memorabilia. You can check every listed baseball card via link provided in the slideshow. Important note: All of these listed cards are autographed.

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