The 10 Most Expensive Baseball Cards Ever Pulled From A Pack

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Want to know which are the most expensive baseball cards? Collecting baseball cards is probably one of the most wholesome American traditions, both for children and adults. But what may be just a distant childhood hobby for some, is a profitable activity for others. For over a hundred years, baseball cards have been valuable collectibles. You might not know just how precious some of them are though. In impeccable conditions, some trading cards are sold for over $100,000! And if you find that surprising, you must definitely take a look at our countdown, as you’ll be struck with amazement when you see the prices of some of these rare cards.

Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Buying and selling baseball cards might not be the most stable option for making money, although you could earn an impressive sum if you play your cards correctly. If you are less of a gambler and more of a rational scholar, you are probably interested in hard facts on business and economics. In that case, do not miss our list on the 10 Most Influential Papers In Economics, a guide to the most cited papers of that field. Not only will you find a few surprises, especially regarding some renowned economists which are absent, but you will also discover very interesting research papers. Trust me, once you go over that countdown you’ll run to the library and devour those jewels of economic investigation.

Coming back to our present list, we should explore the early stages of baseball cards. The early period of the nowadays highly-priced trading cards was closely related to advertising. At first, the images of baseball players were meant to promote different businesses, associated with baseball or not, including tobacco companies, caramel producers, candy enterprises, gum manufacturers and baseball equipment retailers. But what is it that makes some unique cards so invaluable? Naturally, vintage cards from the early stages of baseball are the most valuable, particularly those from limited edition sets. Moreover, what increases the price of a card considerably is its condition; a rare card in a poor state makes it less valuable. In addition, autographed cards are precious collectibles, especially if they were signed by famous baseball players who are now gone. Finally, the cost of cards can be magnified if they are sold at the right time. Sometimes collectors develop a frenzy over a particular item at a particular moment. At that time when demand is at its highest point, a certain baseball card could be sold for a ridiculous price.

Before you run down into the basement or climb up into the attic and start looking for your grandpa’s old baseball card collection, I invite you to reminisce about your childhood pastime; to feel once more the excitement of trading cards with your friends. So, let’s take a look at the countdown and find out which rarities are the most expensive baseball cards.

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