7 Highest Paying Countries for Physical Therapists

If you are wondering how much value is put on expertise in physical therapy, the highest paying countries for physical therapists have the answer. We are going to tell you which is the best country to be a PT.

Being a physical therapist embodies much more than meets the eye. This is one of the medical professions in which you are very much connected with the patient. Apart from great medical skills, you are required to have social intelligence and preferably enjoy working with people. Otherwise, this won’t be the ideal job for you, no matter how high the salary may be. If you are having second thoughts, analyze the tips from TheBalance. That should give you a better insight.

7 Highest Paying Countries for Physical Therapists

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Physical therapists or PTs are there to help people who are recovering from accidents or after a surgery, or have some disabling conditions, e.g. heart disease, fractures, low-back pain, etc. Their main goal is to restore functions and mobility, relieve pain and prevent further disabilities. Also, they supervise PT assistants and PT aides, and are a part of a much larger team of doctors who are deciding on the patient’s treatment. We are all individuals with specific needs and PTs have a tough job of deciding how exactly the recovery treatment should go and to give instructions to the patient how he/she should behave in the future. As mentioned before, establishing a friendly rapport is essential in this job. Working with people is rewarding and challenging, especially in this profession where the success of the treatment largely depends on how the patient responds to his or her doctor.

In order for all that hard work not to be in vain, we have prepared for you a list of countries that will give you the biggest financial benefits. If you wish to compare your salary to similar professions, read our Highest Paying Countries for Nurses with a similar topic. In order to see which country offered to pay the most, we first found out which countries have the highest average salary at Numbeo. Naturally, all of them have a very high standard of living and having a big income is a must. Therefore, we decided to inspect only those countries whose average monthly salary is over $3,000. We believe that’s fair enough, don’t you? Next, we searched Salary Expert, Glass Door and PayScale to determine the average monthly PT salary in those countries. In some cases it was higher than the national average income, whereas in others it was lower. The following step was really straightforward: we listed the countries according to the amount which represents the difference in the earnings, i.e. we simply subtracted the sum of the average national salary from the average PT income. By the way, some of our sources presented salaries in the currency of the country in question. On such occasions, we turned to ExchangeRateWeb and converted the currency into the US dollar so we could present a unanimous list.

Now sit back and choose a country from the list of 7 highest paying countries for physical therapists where you would like to work and enjoy yourself with your high income.