7 Healthcare Jobs With Flexible Hours For Moms or College Students

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Here is the list of 7 healthcare jobs with flexible hours for moms and college students, some of which can be literally done in pajamas. Working from home has become increasingly popular as it has many benefits including saving time, increased productivity and costs reduction.

Americans spend on average 26 minutes daily going each way to work (or in other words nine days yearly), with 17% traveling in one direction 45 minutes or more. This is a considerable increase compared to 1980, when commuting took 21.7 minutes daily and when 12% of workers spend more than 45 minutes in transportation.

In terms of money those who turn their homes into offices save $1,600 to $6,800 per year and what’s even more important -telecommuters are spared of stress that often accompanies commuting, and that can trigger a range of illnesses – from high blood pressure and cholesterol to obesity and depression.

Surveys show that growing number of Americans is opting for home work. According to Telework Research Network, 30 million US’ residents telecommute. The share of employees who leave traditional office jobs for more flexible ones will continue to increase each year. The survey also shows that telecommuters are happier compared to their office colleagues, have greater productivity and are more satisfied with the balance between professional and private lives.

Besides telecommuting jobs our list of 7 healthcare jobs with flexible hours for moms and college students also includes those that require leaving the house but have flexible shifts. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25,516,000 Americans work part-time compared to 110,706,000 full-time employees. Although full-time workers usually earn more per hour compared to part-time employees there are a few exceptions some of which are included in this list. In this ranking, we tried to cover jobs that can be done remotely from home as well as those that require leaving the house but nevertheless have flexible hours. This list does not exhaust all healthcare flexible positions – physical therapists, speech therapists, dental assistants, medical recruiters, translators, lab technicians… are some of the flexible jobs that are not included here.

Although flexible shifts in medicine are rarely connected with doctors, there is growing number of physicians who have started to work part-time. A survey done by American Medical Group Association showed that between 2005 and 2011 the number of part-time male doctors tripled while female part-timers went up 50%. In this list we are not going to cover physician positions which were in the focus of our previous ranking of 11 Least Stressful Medical Specialties and Careers that Pay Well.

Now, without further ado, we present you the list of healthcare jobs with flexible hours for moms and college students!

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