10 Biggest Causes of Suicide in America: Poverty, Bullying, Mental Illness

We should all definitely know what are the biggest causes of suicide in America.

According to the suicide statistics, taken from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is actually on the 10th place regarding the leading cause of death in the US. This foundation also provides the number of people who commit suicide annually, and the age-adjusted suicide rate is 13, 26 per 100,000 individuals. This would make 121 suicides per day, which is a horrible statistics. They also provided the data about the fact that men commit suicide 3, 5 times more than women, and that they are usually middle-aged white men, that is, 7 of 10 of them. When reading such things, it is really hard not to ask oneself; what happened with this world when so many people simply decide to finish with their lives, often brutally? Did we forget to take care of the people around us, or we simply don’t have time for that?



If you take into consideration that bullying is one of the biggest reasons among children, if not for suicide, then for depression, you will see how the suicidal notions come to existence even from the very young age and sometimes it is just impossible to deal with them. Our list of the 7 Facts About Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Suicide in the US will also bring you some details about the issue, so don’t forget to put it on your reading list. Generally, the Internet is full of the articles on such issues, and I found Live Science as one of the most useful ones. It is really important to note that there is no specific data and you cannot find the exact percentage of the causes of suicide, but there are some common indicators and features to all of the people who committed it. The website Suicide also provided some of the leading causes, and they were the starting point for making this list. I included some of the most widespread reasons for committing suicide, additionally providing the information about the numbers where applicable. This is a deep psychological issue, and the emphasis is on prevention until is late. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, it was late, being the reason we deal with the causes and statistics today.

So, no matter how hard the topic is, you should become familiar with the biggest causes of suicide in America.