7 Easiest NYU Schools to Get Into in 2019

What are the easiest NYU schools to get into in 2019? Let’s find out together.

NYU is one of the largest private universities and it is a part of the Association of American Universities. In the US, NYU has around 3,000 colleges and also a dozen campuses worldwide, including London, Berlin, Abu Dhabi, Florence and others. NYU is ranked No.30 among national universities.

The NYU acceptance rate is around 28%, which is not considered high, thus NYU is not one of the easiest universities to enroll. It is actually considered highly competitive and very selective. Some universities that are on the more or less same level include Boston University, Binghamton University, Leigh University or Villanova University, so you might have them concerned as plan B if this option fails.

7 Easiest NYU Schools to Get Into in 2019

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If, however, you are only interested in getting into any college, you might want to know the easiest colleges to get into. So, we can suggest some universities with 99% acceptance rate such as Adams State College, CO, Brewton Parker College, GA, or Evangel University, MO. Or, even better, if you are also not sure about the major you would like to pick, and just want to find something that would be easy to study, but that will also offer good money-earning opportunities, we got you covered as well. Just take a look at the 16 Easiest College Majors that Make the Most Money, and choose one according to your preferences.

On the other end of the spectrum – hardest colleges to get into for 2018 were Harvard University, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology and Yale University. These colleges are the hardest colleges to get into by acceptance rate and SAT/ACT scores. Naturally, these are also among the hardest colleges to get good grades. But apart from them, some other colleges are also tough in this category, even if it is a bit easier to get into them. These are Boston University, University of Houston, MIT, Princeton University, for example. So, getting into a fancy university is only a beginning of hard work. Some of the mentioned hardest colleges are members of the prestige Ivy League. For those hard working ones, with a particular interest in Economy, we’ve prepared Top 7 Ivy League Colleges for Economics. Go ahead, don’t be shy, take a look at them. Who knows, maybe one of those is just the right kind of opportunity for you.

While we are talking about the hardest colleges to get into, and also hardest to get the good grades, it would be interesting to mention that one of the hardest colleges to get into in the world is NYU Abu Dhabi, with the acceptance rate of only around 2.1% (which is less than Harvard!). This might make you reconsider looking for the easiest NUY Schools to get into in 2019. Nevertheless, NYU schools that we managed to gather on our list today, have a much higher acceptance rate, so don’t get discouraged right away.

To find out the easiest NYU schools to get into in 2019, we did thorough research. Since it wasn’t possible to obtain a complete listing of all NYU schools acceptance rates we had to look on various forums and gather numerous opinions on sites such as College Confidential, and Reddit, to name a few. We have also searched for individual NYU schools on US News, and  Law School Numbers to get a better insight into individual figures, comparison and information on different NYU schools. While our research was comprehensive, be aware of the fact that our list should be taken with reservation, as we couldn’t obtain all the relevant data. In any case, we are sure it will come handy to those who are looking for some of the easiest NYU schools to get into this year.

There are many schools in NYU, and, depending on your location, you can choose between a wide range of fields. These include dentistry, liberal sciences, fine arts, business, mathematics, public service, public health, SPS (school of professional studies), nursing, law, social work… That’s a pretty long list. And which of these are the easiest to get into in 2019, according to our findings? Let’s find out: