7 Easiest Languages To Learn For Spanish, Chinese and Arabic Speakers

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Which are the easiest languages to learn for Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic speakers? 

English is the global lingua franca, a language widely used among those who speak different languages. Language is a bridge to communicate well. Spanish is the easiest to learn for someone who speaks English, while Arabic and Chinese are the hardest. But what about the languages for Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic speakers to learn? Let’s find out. 

I have taught English as a second language to Korean, Japanese, and Chinese students of all different ages through an online teaching program. Even the seniors are still learning. Kids as early as age 4 start to enroll in online English classes. It may be a one-on-one class, but it’s tough for anyone to understand the topics when they have no concept of the English language. They are required to enroll in online classes like these in order to get a high score and pass an interview when they go to apply to universities when they’re older. Adults use these skills for their jobs and potential business trips abroad so they can communicate effectivity.

We can learn other languages not only through books, but through online classes, like one of my Japanese students who is in an advanced level in his study of the English language. He’s now learning Spanish. If you want expertise in a language, you should invest in learning about the country itself.

Aside from bridging the gap, learning a new language is an opportunity to learn the culture it originates from. Learning a new language, is challenging though. In order to do it, you have to be motivated. You should start with a language that’s easy to learn in order to keep the motivation high. A person who speaks multiple languages is called a polyglot. It’s possible that Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic speakers to have common languages that they can easily learn, even though these languages are all vastly different.

Spanish is originally a Latin language influenced by Celts. The languages in Spain are Castilian, Catalan, Euskera (also known as the Basque language), and Galician. The Chinese language is said to have been part of the Sino-Tibetan language family, but it’s gone unproven. Arabic, however, is a Semitic language, which means it originates in the Middle East. In order to compile the list of the 7 easiest languages to learn for Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic speakers I took a look at the origins of these languages and tried to find other languages that came from similar roots. It’s easier to learn a language when has the closest origin to your own.

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