7 Easiest Guns N’ Roses Songs to Play on Guitar

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Today we’ve brought you a list of easiest Guns N’ Roses songs to play on guitar. Electric and acoustic, popular and less known, we have a bunch for you to choose from.

Guns N’ Roses is really a good band and you can’t deny that they have killer songs. But another major appeal to the band (at least for me) is the controversy that surrounded them over the years. First, there was a period when the members of the band extensively abused drugs and alcohol. They even composed a song about it titled Mr. Brownstone. Then, there was a period of tension between the band members, which led to several line-up changes and culminated with the exodus of founding members Slash, Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan. The lead vocalist Axl Rose remained the only consistent member of the band from 1985 until today.

7 Easiest Guns N' Roses Songa to Play on Guitar

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In 2012 I had an opportunity to see the live show of, how I liked to call it, “Axl and his touring musicians” and it was mostly fine. Nothing spectacular, but at the moment it was the closest thing to original Guns N’ Roses you could get. Personally, I never thought that I will see Slash and Axl playing together again. The bad blood between them and all the controversy somehow helped the band’s cult status. However, money is a powerful thing, and for a hefty compensation, Slash and McKagan returned to the band and they are now selling out arenas all over the world. Trust me; they are in it for the money, so you can ignore the stuff about the “legacy” and “wanting to play together”.

Now let’s talk about playing their songs on guitar. Thanks to the touch of Slash, who is one of the most gifted guitarists of his generation, the majority of Guns N’ Roses songs seem really hard to play. They are solo and riff heavy and will make your fingers bleed. If you are inexperienced with complex guitar technics and you are making your first steps as a guitar player, maybe these 10 Easiest Acoustic Rock Songs to Play on Guitar for Beginners will be a better fit than the Guns N’ Roses.

In order to compile our list of easiest Guns N’ Roses songs to play on guitar, we turned to Ultimate Guitar. We browsed through the website’s catalog of Guns N’ Roses songs and narrowed down our search to the songs that had a “novice” difficulty level and their accuracy was rated with 5 stars from the users of the website. Then, we chose those that could be viewed as easy taking into consideration the number and complexity of the chords and simplicity of their progression. We pitched in links for the chords of each song, so you can get started immediately. Let’s take a look.

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