7 Easiest Fraternities to Get Into

Enrolling the college you wanted is a huge success, and the next choice is sometimes even harder, so we are going to make your life easier by showing you the easiest fraternities to get into.

The sweet smell of freedom is in the air once you enter the campus, far away from your parents and all those things that were bothering you. Unfortunately, you may have left your best friends behind too, and would like to socialize and meet new ones because you’re homesick. And to party. Hard. Well, that is the common opinion of what fraternities are like – student organizations founded with the purpose of spending quality free time, to put it mildly. In other words, legitimate associations which provide you with the coolest and most awesome social gatherings that you will remember forever (or maybe won’t, depending on how much you had drunk the night before). However, the reality doesn’t always match those teenage comedies with sugary college life pictures. If you are already a student, you’ve noticed that it’s not all fun and games after all. There is a lot of studying involved that’s not depicted in Hollywood movies and you keep wondering why. Believe it or not, but the fraternities are there to help you with it, too. Most of them organize study classes, or you are assigned a Big Brother who will help you work things out in several fields. Actually, most of the fraternities emphasize the fact that they will help you do your best at exams.

7 Easiest Fraternities to Get Into

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Before we get down to the easiest fraternities to join, let us first briefly explain the common process of applying for one. Every year Greek frat houses are inviting new members to join them, usually in the fall and spring, and that’s called Rush Week. Students either have a specific frat in mind, or visit several  formal or informal gatherings and events of different frats before finding the one which would suit them the most, and then sign up and compete for the place in it. That process is also known as pledging. During the pledging process you try to learn about the frat’s history, get to know the fellow brothers better (and hope they like you), and do any tasks they require. If you match their criteria, they offer you the bid, i.e. invite you to the society. How much a pledging process lasts varies. It can be a couple of weeks, or even a year and a half, depending on a fraternity. Pledging tasks can be both serious and fun(ny). You could be asked to do a quiz on the frat history and famous members, attend regular meetings or do community service. On the other hand, there is a chance you’ll be driving future brothers around, doing pranks or (most probably) be made fun of on various levels. Either way, what is vital during pledging is that there is no hazing. Sometimes the line is blurred, but in other cases that hazing is downright harassment that ends up with serious consequences (alcohol poisoning, multiple injuries, and even death). Most of the frats we have chosen haven’t made the headlines in this way. If they have, that fact put them lower on our list. Despite the fact they have officially banned hazing, in reality it is hard to vouch for every single chapter (fraternity branch at a certain college).

Now let’s take a look how we managed to find the easiest fraternities to get into. We eliminated the most popular and the most notorious (no matter how desperate they are for new members at the moment. Safety first.). Therefore, we looked at the list of the most popular fraternities at University Prime Time and started from the bottom. If you wish to put in the least endeavor into joining a fraternity, that is the way to go. Mind you, it doesn’t have to mean these houses are much worse than the others. Sometimes it’s all about the marketing. And Biggest Fraternities and Sororities in the US obviously have a great one. Anyway, we opted for the ones that would be most suitable for anyone. By that we mean that you don’t have to be a devoted Christian or practicing any other religion as a condition for joining. Secondly, we excluded the fraternities which specifically define themselves as a fraternity for a range of ethnicity, or any special ethnicity. Clearly that is something you cannot influence in any way. Thirdly, if the Greek society required special skills such as playing an instrument or studying certain subjects, that was enough to eliminate them. Speaking of what is in your power, the grades are usually required to be of a certain minimum. That usually means that your GPA is not lower than 2.5. We collected the data for membership at the frat’s website, or at one of their chapters, but also the media such as Fitsnews. If the house emphasized the pledging process is very brief and strictly said they have a firm no hazing policy or gave advice how to avoid it, that would secure it a higher position on our list.

After all this prep talk, now you can finally take a look at our choice of the easiest fraternities to get into. By the way, they are all situated in the USA, since this is the very first country that we associate with fraternities and sororities.