7 Easiest Digital Cameras to Use for Seniors

Let’s face it- even the young and spry have trouble working some of the modern and complex digital cameras of this day, and that’s why we crafted a list of the easiest digital cameras to use for seniors. Like anything remotely technological, cameras can prove more challenging than helpful at times. With all their complicated buttons and settings, where do you even begin?

It turns out, many seniors have trouble with computers, devices and programs of all types. (That’s why they might also benefit from the 9 easiest blogging platforms on the Internet.) But they’re not alone in their confusion. Some people, no matter their age, simply aren’t technologically minded. They frequently become frustrated with their devices and often misuse them, or don’t use them at all.

7 Easiest Digital Cameras to Use for Seniors

Stefano Garau/Shutterstock.com

But that’s no reason to be robbed of the ability to capture priceless memories through quality photography. You won’t have to limit yourself to smartphone pictures anymore, either. (Although this might not be such a bad idea- camera capabilities on smartphones are becoming increasingly more advanced, as you’ll soon find out.)

We discovered the easiest digital cameras to use for seniors by referring to sites which listed user, beginner-friendly digital cameras like Eyalg, Digital Camera Review, and Elder Gadget. Then, we formed a ranking system using 4 criteria: LCD Screen size (2 points for 3” and above), durability and reliability (2 points), printer friendly (2 points) and whether it was point-and-shoot camera (4 points), all very important elements of a senior-friendly camera. We then allotted points to several cameras labelled as user-friendly, and here we listed the top seven, all of which received the highest points possible amount of 10. For your convenience, we also provided the Amazon prices of each camera along with a little info.

We’re sure that no matter your age, you’ll become the world’s most adamant shutterbug with the help of our list, so let’s get started.