9 Easiest Blogging Platforms on the Internet

You’ve decided to start your first blog, but you don’t know which are the easiest blogging platforms on the Internet for amateur blogger? We can help! Today, we bring you the list of the best blogging platforms in 2016 for the first-time bloggers.

Blogs can be very powerful tools for expressing your thoughts and sharing your knowledge about a certain topic. Some people start blogging just for fun, some in search of attention, and there are also those who start their blog in order to earn some money. Many people are not aware of this fact, but blogging can actually be one of the most profitable online businesses you can start today. So, how do people earn from creating an online diary (this is how a blog is often defined)? Well, it is fairly straightforward – they profit from the ads – just like popular YouTube channels, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, business-related websites, online magazines, etc. There are many ways to earn money online, but the best way is through advertising on your successful website. What seems to be the catch then? Why don’t we all create a blog and start earning money from the comfort of our homes?

9 Easiest Blogging Platforms on the Internet

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Well, the answer is simple – not everyone can do it. For starters, you must have language proficiency, have to be a good writer with original ideas, you have to be creative all the time, force the inspiration almost every day, and so on. One thing is to blog for other people and work as a freelance writer, but that is completely different from starting your own blog and expecting to earn money in no time. It’s like with any other business, holding and managing all the strings yourself is highly challenging, and not everybody has the stomach for it. A plethora of skills is needed in order to create a successful blog that millions of people follow regularly, and the only way to actually earn good money through advertising is to have a solid base of followers.

Before you decide to quit your job and become a professional blogger, be aware of two facts – a successful blog that brings you money requires time, so don’t expect to gain success overnight. And, even though professional blogging seems like a dream job for most of the people, it also has some drawbacks, such as working on the computer all the time, having no office to go to, no colleagues around you, etc. Still, it all depends on who you are, since for some working from home is a dream come true, and for others, it’s like being in a prison. If you see yourself in the first group of people, you should definitely try blogging with the help of one of the easiest blogging platforms on the Internet listed below. You’ve got nothing to lose (unless you act irrationally and quit your job right away)!

To determine which are the easiest blogging platforms on the Internet, we combined five lists from credible sources (CMCCritic, Hover, Dear Blogger and Mashable) discussing the same topic. Every appearance on these 4 lists for each blog platform earned 1 point, while an appearance on the list Best Blogging Platforms:Hosted, earned 2 points. As you can see, we have given a slight advantage to those platforms that are hosted, because when you don’t have to deal with hosting management, everything becomes easier.  Those blogging platforms are giving you the opportunity to start your first blog right away! Grab it and put your writing inspiration to good use!

You’ll see that many Blogging platforms on our list share the same number of points, and the ordering of those that are tied is random. It is hard to determine which blogging platform is truly easier and more blogger-friendly, but the ones on our list are definitely among the easiest blogging platforms on the Internet at the moment. Let’s take a look at them, before your inspiration goes away!