7 Countries with Highest Drinking Age

Those who are relatively young and are traveling should get to know countries with highest drinking age. They might end up wanting to drink at a local bar or club and then be denied entrance because they are not of proper age. Even if they are allowed to drink in their own country before, each country has its own set of rules and regulations that are meant to be followed. Of course, there are also some countries that have set rules because they are part of countries that consume the most alcohol.

There are a lot of cultural norms that are involved at the type of age set in order to start drinking. There are some countries that have young drinking ages because of what they believe in and of course, there are also some countries that have set high drinking ages so that those who can already drink in other countries cannot start drinking there just yet.

Countries with Highest Drinking Age


Will it even be surprising to know that there are some countries that do not set a minimum drinking age at all? This means that even children are allowed to drink as long as they can afford it. This has always been talked about yet nothing is being done to change it or to stop this type of practice in some parts of the world.

Of course, there are also some countries wherein the consummation of alcohol is illegal so people there of any age cannot drink. Here are the countries with highest drinking age all over the world.