7 Countries That Make the Best Wine in the World

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If you are a true wine lover, you are probably reading this with a glass of wine in your hand, but does it comes from one of 7 Countries That Make The Best Wine In the World? This is a perfect opportunity for you to find out.

There are many wine varieties, but a few things are always the same. The main ingredients are grapes, wine usually contains 5-5% – 15.5% of alcohol by volume, and wine comes in three colors: red, white and rose.

The first wine can be traced TO more than 8,000 years in the past. ANCIENT wine jars were discovered in Georgia and Iran while the first incarnation of a winery was found in Armenia and it is estimated to be 6,000 years old.

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The countries that produce the most wine today are France, Italy, Spain and United States. But does the quantity equals the quality when it comes to wine? You will have to stay tuned in and walk through all 7 countries that make the test wine in the world to find out. On the way, you can pick up an ice cream from one of 7 Countries That Make The Best Ice Cream in The World.

You must be wondering about how we determined who makes the best wine in the world. Since we are not sommeliers, we looked up for some professional opinion on the topic. We took Travelers Today’s 5 Best Wine Regions in the World and Business Insider’s A Complete Guide To The World’s 15 Best Wine-Producing Regions as our first two sources. Our third source was Wine Spectator, who makes the Top 10 Wines list every year, based on their reviews and professional analysis. To round it all up, we decided that the producing amount has to count for something, so we added a list of countries that produce the most wine per year. After combing our sources for data, we gave points to each country on the list. If country’s regions appeared more than once on the list, we added that as well. Every country featured on the list was given points based on their ranking. We summed up the scores and found the answer to the question that has been bugging wine lovers.

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