7 Countries that Make the Best Movies in the World

We know that you probably love watching movies, but do you know which are the 7 countries that make the best movies in the world? We got you with this one, haven’t we? Well, worry not; we will reveal you this important life information very soon.

“The seventh art” has been an integral part of the culture for more than a century now. Can you imagine the world without movies? We doubt it. Besides being one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, movies are the thing almost everyone enjoys. It is nice to escape from your troubles and worries, even for a while. And with a good movie, you’ll be able to do that with ease.

7 Countries that Make the Best Movies in the World


Movies touch people, inspire them, make them laugh or cry. Something like music. To fully enjoy this article, we recommend “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran. That way you will get in the mood and be able to hear the guitar from one of 7 countries that make the best guitars in the world. That’s what we call a double pleasure.

Of course, everyone’s first thought, when it comes to movies, is Hollywood, world’s biggest movie factory. The second one is Bollywood, world’s second biggest movie factory. Is there anything left, you ask? Well, a whole lot more. There are more movies coming out in recent years than ever. Technological advancements made it possible to create a movie with a small budget. This is of course if you are aiming at some drama. If you want to create a superhero movie, forget about it. Jokes aside, there has always been great movies coming from around the world, so let’s head onto a journey to find out 7 countries that make the best movies in the world.

For our source, we have chosen the audience and movie enthusiasts. We took IMDB’s top 100 rated movies and checked the country origin. Every country would gain 1 point for its movie. If there were more countries involved in the movie, each country would also get one point. After summing the scores into our Movie Count, we have completed our ranking. Keep in mind that the countries that produce more movies annually, naturally have more chances to be on this list. And, of course, the big advantage is when movies are in English, since it is a universal language. With this in mind, you can more easily acknowledge that all countries on this list are very good in making movies, and which one is truly the best, it is hard to decide ultimately.