7 Countries That Make The Best Guitars in The World

If you considered yourself a serious guitar player then you probably have a guitar made in one of these 7 countries that make the best guitars in the world. Forget the stories that a guitar is as good as the person playing it. Both a person and a guitar matter, and not even Jimi Hendrix could get something out of a crappy guitar. Don’t get us wrong, crappy guitars are awesome for beginners who are learning their first chord and for smashing them on gigs Nirvana style, but that’s all.

Guitars existed in various forms even in the 12th century, but the most similar musical instrument to a modern guitar appeared around the 17th century. Guitars can have from 4 to 18 strings, but the most common ones are those with 6 strings. The main two types of guitars are acoustic and electric guitars. Acoustic guitars use sound waves from the strings resonated through the guitar’s body to create the sound. On the other hands, electric guitars use magnetic pickups to transmit the vibration of the strings into amplifiers, thus creating a sound.

7 Countries That Make The Best Guitars in The World

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Guitars are used in almost all music genres, and they stand as one of the most important and most popular music instruments in the world. Due to this fact, there are many guitar manufacturers in the world. Some of them make truly amazing instruments while others make low quality guitars that have overflowed the market in the previous decades.

Unlike 100 years ago when guitars were handmade without exceptions, today most of the guitars you see are probably mass produced and there are literary tens of thousands exactly same guitars. Because of that guitars are fairly cheap today. Despite this fact, handmade guitars, although more expensive, are highly appreciated on the market. For our list of 7 countries that make the best guitars in the world we decided to account just mass produced guitars since the quality of the brand is usually the same with every guitar. We took both electric and acoustic guitars in consideration. Also, you can compare the list with 7 countries that make the best music in the world and get a deeper insight into their music knowledge.

To discover the best guitar producing countries in the world, we took recommendation lists from Music Radar about the Best Acoustic and Electric Guitars and list from SixStringSensei about the best guitar brands in the world. Since there were no obvious rankings, every country received one point for every guitar/guitar brand on the list. After we had summed all up into our Guitar Count, we got the list we were looking for.