7 Biggest Loser Contestants: Where Are They Now

The Biggest Loser series has run on US television for over 17 seasons and it has made us all wonder one thing about Biggest Loser contestants: where are they now?

The show has recently been marred by the ‘drugging controversy’ when some of the past Biggest Loser contestants claimed they were drugged to lose weight. The controversy has not only hit the show’s ratings but has had former contestants call for it being pulled off television. Some of the former Biggest Loser contestants have also claimed that they were starved and told to lie about how many calories they were taking. Doctors and trainers of the show have been accused of malpractice, while producers have denied the allegations. Other contestants have come forward on Facebook to express their support for the show and called for it to continue. If you want a simpler method to ensure you lose weight, you should head on over to the 7 Most Popular Diet Pills that Work Fast Without Exercise.

7 Biggest Loser Contestants: Where Are They Now


Ironically, a study involving contestants from the eighth season of the show has shown that 13 of the 14 Biggest Loser contestants regained their former weight, four of which now weigh more than what they had weighed before appearing on the show. This is because the methodology of weight loss as applied by the show has a toll on the metabolism meaning that the contestants burn fewer calories than a normal person for the same amount of activity and gain more weight consuming a lower amount of calories than before. Some contestants like the 2014 winner Rachel Fredrickson have been criticized for looking anorexic in her finale appearance and has also made people think of where in life the contestants who lost so much of weight stand today.

If you are wondering about Biggest Loser contestants: where are they now, read the following text.  To choose these 7 contestants, we looked at the winners of the 17 seasons of the show and looked at what they were doing currently. We have looked at several articles regarding controversies around the show and experiences of former contestants to find out more about the contestants that won the $250,000 prize. Interviews with former contestants and articles from websites like the Guardian, People, New York Post and New York Times have been used to prepare this list. The list is prepared in a manner that reflects how different people have dealt with the Biggest Loser fame and what they have transformed themselves into. The list of answers to the questions – Biggest Loser contestants: where are they now, includes vehement supporters, harshest critics as well as those who lie somewhere in the middle.