7 Best Smartphones with the Best Cameras in 2017

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For those of you who like snapping pictures with your mobile phone, we prepared a list of best smartphones with the best cameras in 2017. There may be a bit pricier, but at least your Instagram profile will look great.

Throughout the years, the number of megapixels has become something that most people use when it comes to determining the quality of smartphone camera. Back in 2007, the high-end mobile phones had cameras with 2MP, while in 2014, 66% of the smartphones had an 8MP camera. The photos taken with smartphones are now better, so you would think that the camera is indeed better if it has more megapixels. Well, that doesn’t have to always be the case. There are many factors that contribute to the quality of the camera. Besides megapixels, the size of the image sensor, aperture and lots of other factors matter.

7 Best Smartphones With The Best Cameras in 2017


Recently, the smartphone manufacturers started using dual cameras. Two cameras are twice better than one, right? Well, the difference isn’t that significant, but it turns out dual cameras have some advantages. Each manufacturer has its own technology when it comes to dual cameras, but it all comes down to the same thing. Each lens takes a picture that is then combined into one using the software. The idea is that the secondary camera captures extra details that may lack on the primary camera’s photo. The dual cameras don’t always guarantee a better image quality, but they do enable users to take wide angle photos with a better focus and to employ various effects that wouldn’t be possible with a single camera. Of course, dual camera smartphones are more expensive and they have a higher battery usage. Talking about batteries, you should check out our list of 7 Best Android Phones with Removable Batteries in 2017.

In order to create the list of best smartphones with the best cameras in 2017, we decided to do it all by ourselves since the majority of the lists we consulted for recommendations includes lots of models from 2016. We headed out to GSM Arena and looked for smartphones released in 2017, which had cameras with 8MP and higher, while also packing aperture size in rear cameras less than f/2.0. The smartphones were then awarded points according to the number of pixels and aperture size in both their rear and front cameras. The smartphones that were able to record in 2160p@30fps were given an extra point. If the smartphone had a dual camera, we considered the one with better quality rather than counting them both. As said before, there are lots of other factors that determine the quality of the camera, so this list isn’t a definitive one but should be a good indicator. Let’s take a look at the list of best smartphones with the best cameras in 2017.

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