7 Best Android Phones With Removable Batteries in 2017

Since many phone companies started making smartphones with non-removable batteries, finding the 7 best Android phones with removable batteries in 2017 wasn’t easy. But, we hope we will ease your research with our list and maybe help you decide which one to purchase.

We are spending many hours on our smartphone chatting, playing games or searching on the internet, and that’s why it is very important that the battery on our phone has a long duration. Since one of the biggest smartphone giants started producing smartphones with non-removable batteries, the smaller ones didn’t have any other choice but to follow their steps which is the main reason why almost every new smartphone is with a non-removable battery. The companies are focusing on the latest technology which will give the user a faster, better and smoother experience. All of these specifications, plus the bigger and brighter displays are consuming the battery very fast.

7 Best Android Phones With Removable Batteries in 2017


There are many Android smartphones on the market with ‘beast specifications’ but with a non-removable battery. Some of them are Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel. Inside their tiny body, they have the latest technology and you can use them for almost anything. However, on the bad side, their non-removable battery will be draining so fast you will catch yourself spending hours and hours next to a power outlet.

Everything has its pros and cons, just like removable, the non-removable batteries also have their advantages and disadvantages. Since we are talking about 7 best Android phones with removable batteries in 2017, first we will tell you what are the pros and cons of the removable battery. If you decide to purchase a smartphone with a replaceable battery, you can restart the phone easily, replace the battery by yourself, carry a spare and charged battery with you, and if it comes to water damage, there is a bigger chance to save a phone with removable battery. On the other side, despite looking a bit bulkier, you could damage the phone by removing the battery too often. 

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Now, let’s take a look to see what is good and what is bad when it comes to smartphones with a non-removable battery. On the good side, they have thin bodies and the non-removable battery prevents unwanted particles from entering the inner segments. But, on the bad side, a fast reboot option isn’t available, swapping the battery in and out requires expertise and it is pretty expensive to change the battery with a new one. When it comes to replacing the battery, many people are choosing to go with a simpler option and buy a new phone.

In order to create our list of 7 best android phones with removable batteries in 2017, we took the latest released Android phones from Android Authority, Android Pit, and 91 Mobiles. After we found out what are the best smartphones with a removable battery from our sources, we sorted our list by their rating according to TechRadar. However, even though they are still one of the best smartphones for this year, not every listed phone was released this year. Some of them were released last year but managed to stay among the best smartphones with removable batteries.