7 Best Smartphones With Front Facing Speakers

Pick up, we’re calling to give you the full scoop on the 7 best smartphones with front facing speakers. Make sure you answer the call because this is information you do not want to receive over text message. We don’t speak emoji, sorry.

I cracked my phone on the sidewalk the other day. It was a Monday, of course. It’s not the first time this has happened, because I insist on not using a case. But, to me, a phone is a designed item. I want to use it in its natural state, to appreciate the full aspect of the aesthetic. Long story short, I just think it looks cooler.

That is why I get the insurance. Always get the insurance. It doesn’t matter what it is for, just get it. There’s never been a point in my life where I was like “oh dammit, I have too much insurance, I wish I had less!” or “what am I gonna do with all this insurance?!” Don’t even get me started on renter’s insurance, you think that AFLAC duck is annoying, just wait.

7 Best Smartphones With Front Facing Speakers


So, anyway I dropped my phone. The screen shattered into a million little pieces or some other group of lies by James Frey; it’s hard to say for sure. I couldn’t get it replaced immediately so I wrapped it in saran wrap and continued using it. Take note, Bear Grylls, this is how we survive in the concrete jungle.

Still, it’s a good think I didn’t have to use the speaker as it would’ve been an underwater-sounding mess. If you are looking for a phone with a great front-facing speaker then look no further, we have just the list for you. You may also be interested in the 7 Smartphones with the Best Audio Quality. Spoiler alert, my broken one is not on there.

Smartphones are plentiful in the market, so much so that if you are going to go shopping for a fan without deciding on some basic features, you are going to be confused for sure. If an awesome stereo sound is what you are looking for in your new smartphone, then you can narrow your list down to the ones that made our list of best smartphones with front facing speakers.

So how did we rank the phones? Well, we could have gone for loudness, but being loud does not ensure sound quality, and loud sound without quality is noise, not music. In order to come up with our list, we narrowed down our search to phones that have front-facing speakers, and then employed the help of GSMArena, a reputable website for smartphone research.

From there we ranked the phones in order of the highest number of fans/popularity. We had to exclude smartphones that are not yet available on the market, but the list is still pretty robust and will serve its purpose. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading through our list of the 7 best smartphones with front facing speakers, so without further ado, let’s get started; head to the next page.