7 Smartphones with the Best Audio Quality

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What are the smartphones with best audio quality? The biggest names in the smartphone industry are striving hard to produce a smart “smartphone”. Yes, some phones may have a quad HD display (Samsung Galaxy Note 4), a 4 GB RAM (Asus Zenfone 2), or a 41-megapixel camera (Nokia Lumia 1020). These are the main specs that matter when you are getting to know a new phone. But how about the audio quality? Do we consider it as a feature we should review thoroughly? The answer is yes. If you want to know more about the specific handset with a refined audio system, we’ll be happy to have you on board! Let’s hear what the smartphones with the best audio quality have to say, shall we?

Audio is the sound your smartphone produces. We make use of it every day when listening to our playlists, in gaming, or when watching a movie on the phone. So how do we define a smartphone with excellent sound quality? By measuring noise and crosstalk. Without sounding too technical, the noise level is also described as signal-to-noise ratio. It is as simple as a “wanted sound” versus the “unwanted sound” or background noise. As per GSMArena, “the higher the signal-to-noise ratio, the less obtrusive the background noise is”. That means you have quite a good phone. The crosstalk determines your stereo’s capabilities. It is as simple as making sure that your smartphone’s sound doesn’t leak or interfere with another channel. Again, GSMArena quoted that “The larger this value is, the better the quality of the sound coming from each channel”.

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The camera feature is as important as the audio capability of a smartphone. Come and check out the 10 Smartphones with the Best Cameras 2015, to help you find the perfect “selfie” phone for you. Now, let’s move on and discover the 7 smartphones with the best audio quality!

7. LG G4

Audio Quality: Noise -91.9dB / Crosstalk -91.3dB
The new addition to the family, LG G4 was released in April 2015. It is popular for its reliable performance and commendable camera features. But, it is also one of the smartphones with best audio quality that hits the market. Some users are claiming a refined sound system with the LG G4, yet, it has the same audio specs with the LG G2. Which is not bad at all for G2 remains competitive when it comes to audio specs. Both LG models provide a crisp and clear sound effects for gaming and music listening. The latest LG G4 is available on Amazon for $445.

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