7 Best Private Equity Search Firms and Headhunters in America

Do you know which are the best private equity search firms and headhunters in America?

Once you have created your own firm, or better say start-up, what are the biggest challenges you are facing? Some would say organization management; other would agree, but add finding of suitable infrastructure, while the compromise would be achieved on the topic of finding the best suitable people for the job. This topic isn’t useful just for the firms that just started developing their businesses, but for all those who want to be the successful investors, as well. So, to learn more about that, check out Easy Money: The 10 Most Successful Investors in the World Today. So, how to know which persons to hire and moreover to know whether they are the right choice on the long-term basis? Well, the answer is simple, you can’t know that. However, what you can do in order to increase your chances of selecting a good candidate is to delegate that job to the professionals – headhunters. To know more about top headhunters worldwide, check out AllHeadhunters.

 7 Best Private Equity Search Firms and Headhunters in America


It’s no wonder there are so many recruiting firms in the USA. After all, every company, no matter in which field, needs them! According to the Headhunters Recruiters, there is a total of 13 771 headhunters and recruiters in America. But, which ones are the most respected top private equity recruiting firms? While doing our research, most of the suggested private equity headhunters were found in London.

Many websites function as a search engine for finding private equity executive search firms and private equity headhunters. However, none of them tells us which are the best ones. In order to find out on our own, we took suggestions from different sources such as Forbes list of best executive recruiting firms, the Wall Street Oasis forum where people made a list based on their own experience and the Interview Private Equity, official guide for private equity firms, to name few. We took the most repeated suggestions of private equity search firms and headhunters and ranked them in that manner. Moreover, we checked each of them on their websites for extra information that you will read in the following text. Some private equities as the SG Partners you won’t find on the list, however, stay tuned to find out more about the Phoenix Group International. If you are especially interested in the alternative investment and Investment Banking sectors, then check out The Weatherly Group (it is not on our list of best private equity search firms and headhunters in America). That is all we will uncover for now. For the rest, you will have to read by yourselves on the following pages.