7 Best Places to Visit in Poland Before You Die

 Poland sits next to Germany, which is renowned for its history, architecture, and glorious palaces, but there are some great places to visit in Poland before you die, too. So despite the fact that it’s not really a country where travelers flock to compare to its neighbors, we will do our best to illuminate some of the most incredible spots here.

It’s probably no surprise to know that Poland is hundreds of years old, and contains a vast amount of historic landmarks and relics, for example the Niedzica Castle, which guests don’t merely stare at from outside and inside, but get to dress up in period clothes and eat using their hands, as people in the old times did. Or the fantastical Moszna Castle, situated in Upper Silesia in the village of Moszna, which rivals Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle for its Disney-like appearance and gorgeous design.



If you’re a fan of historical figures, then you must visit the Copernicus Monument in Warsaw in honor of the world-famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, and then head over to the historical city of Torun to see Copernicus’ original house. If you love architecture, then Poland has many brilliant examples of Romanesque and Gothic designs, namely Krakow’s St. Mary’s Basilica, Warsaw’s Grand Theatre, Gdansk’s Old Town buildings, the cream-colored Royal Castle in Lublin, the elegant Palace on the Water in the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw, and the Holy Trinity Church in Warsaw, which was inspired by the Roman Pantheon.

Europe is a very safe continent, perhaps the safest in the world, and after you’re done exploring the underrated beauty of Poland, head over to Croatia and explore the best places to visit in Croatia before you die.

This country is home to a few UNESCO World Heritage sites, some of which are in the list below. Let’s take a close look at the places to visit in Poland before you die.