7 Best Places to Visit in Iceland Before You Die

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Try and choose the best places to visit in Iceland before you die and you’ll be spoiled for choice; from glaciers to lakes, parks to cities, this rich and diverse country offers something for all. It is geologically and volcanically active, so take care when travelling and be sure to always check local weather and travel reports before departing to ensure you do not run into trouble (don’t worry, you won’t be caught up in lava, but your flight might be delayed due to ash falling!).

Iceland has a rich history, historically being the land of the Vikings (who first discovered America), but it has also been ruled by Norway and Denmark. It became a republic in 1944. More recently, economic uncertainty has meant that the banks in this country have been seriously overhauled; but don’t let that put you off. An increase in tourism, due to all the best places to visit in Iceland before you die, has put this country back on the road to recovery. It now has a stable economic climate, a strong political base, and good infrastructure – in fact it was ranked the 13th most developed country in the world by the United Nations!

Best Places to Visit in Iceland That Are Safe and Beautiful

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Iceland is a country of natural beauty and a rich and diverse history. Its language, Icelandic, is descended from Old Norse, and they have a wonderful shared history of folk tales from the period. There is a strong connection to the old-world in Iceland, with traditional food and culture being served up everywhere you go. Much of Iceland has been untouched by human hands, leaving it in a state of natural beauty; from lagoons and hot springs to volcanoes, there is something to amaze everyone who visits. Remember to utilize safe travel tips when travelling to Iceland, particularly by checking local travel and weather reports to make sure the country is geographically safe for travel, and learn a few phrases in Icelandic to help you – it’s polite, and could help if you get into trouble! If travelling to cities, make sure to stick to lit streets if you’re out at night, and be sure to follow the instructions of your tour guide if visiting one of Iceland’s many geographical wonders.

If you’re not one for the cold (although Iceland enjoys a temperate climate most of the year), perhaps you’d prefer to visit Ireland? We have a list of the best places to visit in Ireland before you die, too, but if Iceland is where you want to be check out this top 7!

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