7 Best Places for Startups in Europe

If you are starting your own business, you must be interested to know which are the best places for startups in Europe! Great, you’ve come to the right page!

There are many misunderstandings about what a startup really is. Some of the explanations say that they are young companies in the beginning of their developing. Others would associate them with either mobile apps or huge tech companies. According to Adora Cheung, co-founder and CEO of Homejoy, a startup is “a state of mind”. She explains that it is a gathering of a group of people in one company who are ready to take many risks in order to create something new and achieve the biggest possible success. Others define it as a young, small company that just began to develop and it is initially financed and operated by a handful of founders or one individual. They offer a product or service that is not currently being offered elsewhere in the market, which makes them innovators and therefore startups.

7 Best Places for Startups in Europe


While two previous opinions take the position that startups are newly created businesses, there are some thoughts that they could also be companies that are, for instance, five years old. One of the examples is Uber. Even though it is a company that is 8 years old which gained many customers and reached a high level of success and money, it could still be considered as a startup. Some of the experts explain that the key attribute is its ability to grow, and in addition, Uber is still progressing.

The other point that we need to clarify is whether startups are just tech related companies. Even though not every startup is tech related, most of them are and mainly because of three simple reasons. Firstly, technology and the internet make ideas more salable; secondly, there are fewer barriers while entering into business and lastly, there are more opportunities in its promoting. If you check 20 Best Cities for Startups in the World, you would see that most of those places are some kind of tech heavens.

In order to find the best places for startups in Europe, we used Startup Genome, which offers many valuable information on this topic. The site calculates the best places for developing a startup on every continent, based on factors such as market attraction, funding, global connectedness, and corporate involvement, just to name few. In our list, we made a ranking according based on the percentage of market reach, as one of the most important factors in building a startup. For reference’s sake, the global average of market reach is 23%. Moreover, for each place we also mentioned their early-stage funding growth index (global average is 5 ) and global connection rate (global average is 6.1), as information that could come in handy. Let’s start with our list of best places for startups in Europe!