20 Best Cities For Startups In The World

If you think you have the idea for the next best business, you should try getting started in one of the best cities for startups in the world.

Working for a startup is exhilarating. It’s an ever-changing work environment because you’re part of something that has yet to be created and it’s constantly adapting to meet needs or new markets. It seems like everyone these days has an idea for the next great startup company because there’s always something new to create and a market that’s been left untouched. Car services are a prime example because while a lot of cities have cabs, apps like Lyft, Gett, and Uber have revolutionized the way we call a car to take us somewhere. When it’s late at night and the trains aren’t running as frequently, I always call a Gett to take me to my apartment.

20 Best Cities For Startups In The World


Startup companies tend to be based in the same few places. They’re generally very tech-heavy, so it’s important that these companies begin somewhere where tech is king. Those cities tend to be expensive, but startups intrinsically cost a lot of money to get started, especially when it comes to development and design since those things are the core of the app or website that’s being created to provide services. Some of the most successful startups of 2016 are probably based in the cities we’ve put on this list today. You likely won’t be shocked by a lot of these results, as they’re popular cities with a lot of population.

In order to create this list of best cities for startups in the world, we used Startup Genome, which has the most updated info on startup cities. The site calculated different aspects that we’re using for our rankings, like resources for early-stage startups, funding, and market attraction. Those are the more important things to consider when picking a place to start a new company.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best cities for startups in the world.