7 Best Physical Therapy Companies to Work For

It might be valuable to know the best physical therapy companies to work for if you’re about to graduate with a degree in that subject.

The possibilities are endless for your physical therapy career path once you graduate, after all. Where will you live and what company will you work for? One of these factors could determine the other, even if you work for a national physical therapy company, so it’s best to be wise and well-informed about a company before you apply for a job there. Yes, jobs can be scarce, but if you’ve got a degree under your belt, you worked hard for it, you definitely have the right to be picky about where you end up.

Because as with other life decisions like where you’ll go to college and who you’ll choose as your partner for life, the decision about where you work shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sure, you can always quit if it’s not to your taste, but that will be time wasted, and it’s best to avoid that if you can.

7 Best Physical Therapy Companies to Work For


Your new job will be the place you apply everything you’ve learned over your years in school, and it’ll replace school as the center of your world, so don’t just go applying to work at any physical therapy company. And just because you’ve never heard anything bad about it, or just because it’s one of the largest physical therapy clinics, doesn’t mean the company’s reputation is shining.  Evaluate your options, do your research and ask around about the companies you’re considering. The internet is abounding with physical therapists ratings, and not just if you’re the patient who needs therapy. Because if you’re wondering how to pick a good physical therapist, the solution could be as simple as googling it, but can you do the same if you’re actually looking for a job in physical therapy? Actually, yes.

We used a website called Glass Door to rank the companies below. This is a great tool for anyone on a job hunt, whether it’s in physical therapy or not. Glass Door is not only a job search platform but a job evaluation platform. And it has great physical therapy job reviews of some of the largest physical therapy companies in the United States. Former and current employees have reviewed the hundreds of companies on the site and talked about their work experience there. Because the only way to really know what a company is like requires working in one and learning from experience.

We searched physical therapy companies on the site and ranked the first 20 companies with 4 and 5 star reviews to ensure we were ranking only the best. And since the best and most reviewed companies appear first on Glass Door, we had a great starting point. We then created a points system to line the companies up and get our top 7, and we created this system of two criteria: star ranking and a number of reviews. For star ranking, we gave a company with anywhere from 4-4.2 stars 1 point. If they had 4.3-4.5 stars we gave 2 points, and if they had 4.6-5 stars we gave them 3 points. For a number of reviews, we gave 1 point to companies with 1-20 reviews, 2 points to companies with 21-50 reviews and 3 points to companies with over 50 reviews. This system makes for a points possible amount of 6, and it accurately proves which physical therapy companies are truly the best to work for.

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We hope this list of 7 best physical therapy companies to work for aids in your job search! Although these companies aren’t one of the largest physical therapy companies in the United States, they definitely deserved a place on our list. Don’t forget to check the accommodating links to each company’s website. Happy reading!